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Cherished Moments

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Cherished Moments

This fragrance was brought to life with one concept in mind - one of the most amazing scent memories in many peoples lives. This is a fragrance that brings back that scent of a baby freshly out of the bath freshly cleaned and lathered in lotion. My wife and I always referenced how precious that specific scent was and when thinking of what I could do to really bring back cherished moments via scent memory for many people this fragrance was #1 on my list to create.

I've had multiple friends and co-workers try out this fragrance before it's release and every time I see their eyes get large and even emotional. This brings you back to your child, or a special child in your life when you were blessed to hold them in their youngest form. I hope this fragrance brings back amazing memories for you and those around you.

Putting this on a stuffed animal, or a blanket is a very easy way bring this scent memory back to life.

I hope you all enjoy this fragrance.