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Cannoli After Dark

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Cannoli After Dark

This is an original creation that we put together on a 24hr Live stream on the IamJoeyCannoli channel (12/17/22). The fragrance has a gourmand profile to represent the "After Dark" concept. This fragrance is warm, and inviting as described by my son Lucas @ the time it was mixed up as a "Chocolate Cake, with the scent of the inside of a stuffed animal". Now to put this into reality he likes chocolate cake and at the time of this creation, he loves stuffed animals. That to me makes this a very exciting original creation to add to the mix and Makin' Scents lineup. Paying homage to our friend Joey Cannoli this is the first original mix that I had a friend work with me to choose the percentages of the exact mix. Joey picked each percentage of oil to build this creation with the Cannoli Mafia on hand. With respect to the fam & I hope everyone enjoys this warm & inviting fragrance.

Warm Spicy, Sweet, Chocolate, Vanilla, Citrus, Fresh Spicy, Cola, Rum.

Top Notes:
Red Apple, Green Apple, Bergamot, Candied Citrus, Pink Sugar, Lime Zest, Lemon Juice.

Mid Notes:
Ginger, Clove, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Buttercream Frosting.

Base Notes:
Labdanum, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate, Allspice, Caramel, Sugar, Ambergris, Ambrox, Rum, Cassia Root, Cola Accord.